BIO FUE Hair Transplant

BIO FUE Hair Transplant

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What is BIO-FUE?

To understand this, let us take a step back and understand what hair transplant is. Hair transplant is a medical procedure to help treat permanent hair fall. It is done by taking hair follicles from the patient’s own scalp and transplanting it on to the affected area. There are two techniques used to carry out Hair Transplant

  • FUT – Here a strip of tissue is taken out from the donor area and follicles are segregated from this strip before grafting them on to the affected area.
  • FUE – In this comparatively newer method, the strip of tissue is not extracted. Instead, individual follicles are extracted one by one and transplanted to the recipient site.
  • Bio FUE – This latest technique is the newest and a variation of the FUE technique. There are a number of clinics providing BIO FUE hair transplant in Jaipur. This variation exploits the capability of human regenerative cells in combination with the FUE technique to give better results.
Advantages of BIO-FUE
There are a number of advantages of the method which is why doctors suggest to go for BIO FUE Hair Treatment in Jaipur. Some of the most prominent advantages of going for BIO-FUE Hair Transplant in Jaipur are listed below
  • Natural simulation of follicles leading to improvised texture
  • Apart from simulating growth in hair follicles, the regenerative cells also help in faster healing of the donor as well as the recipient site
  • The regenerative cells used in BIO-FUE act as catalyst for new hair growth thereby giving better results than simple FUE

Procedure of BIO-FUE

As a leading doctor conducting BIO FUE treatment in Jaipur explains, the procedure is quite similar to the FUE treatment with an addition of a few steps.

  • The doctor collects a small blood sample from the patient’s body, typically from the arms like a normal blood test.
  • This blood is then run through a centrifuge to separate the growth promoting cells.
  • Now, the actual hair transplant procedure starts and the doctor applies local anesthesia on the donor as well as the recipient site.
  • Then, with the help of a small cylindrical instrument, the doctor separates individual follicles. To do this, first a set of sample grafts is extracted (typically 5-7). These samples are used to adjust the length of the blade to ensure standardized slits.
  • These grafts are then treated with the regenerative cells as extracted earlier and transplanted into the recipient area.
  • The doctor then cleans the area with an antiseptic.
  • The downtime is quite less for BIO FUE, however, your doctor may ask you to cover your head for a day or two to avoid dirt and infection.
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Cost of BIO-FUE

An obvious question in your mind would be – how much does BIO FUE Hair transplant cost in Jaipur? Well, the answer is certainly not straightforward, as there are a number of factors impacting the cost of BIO FUE treatment in Jaipur and any other city. The simple formula for calculating the overall cost will be number of grafts times the cost per graft. What needs attention here is – the cost is calculated basis per graft and not per strand of hair. Secondly, the cost per graft will vary depending on the following
  • Experience of the surgeon in conducting BIO FUE procedures
  • Individual requirement on the number of grafts
  • Medical facility chosen to undergo the treatment
  • Expertise and number of support staff required during the procedure

Why choose ALCS for BIO-FUE?

If you are planning to get a BIO FUE Hair transplant in Jaipur, below is a list of why you should consider getting the same done at ALCS Studio
  • Reputed and experienced surgeons
  • State of the art facilities
  • Cost-effective procedures
  • Minimal formalities leading to a comfortable environment
Hair transplantation, when done right, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you’ve had it done. The skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does vary widely, as do their results. It’s important to choose the right procedure and the right clinic to assure that you will get completely natural results.
Yes you will be awake the entire time – watching TV, movies, or listening to music. Some patients simply chose to relax or even take a nap. We use local anesthesia (numbing medicine) in the donor area to obtain the grafts and in the recipient area to implant the grafts and perform the procedure.
Yes, the FUE extraction method is notable for having a larger donor area, the neck and sides of the head. There is also the possibility of extracting body hair from the chest and legs. The strip extraction technique is more limited as it only uses the back of the head as donor area. It cannot access other areas.

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