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FUT Hair Transplant

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What is FUT Hair Transplant?
An advanced method of hair transplantation- Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is performed in a way which impersonates the natural growth of characteristic hair and is a perfect option for individuals who have evident bald regions on their head.
This system includes evacuating a whole piece of hair from a ‘donor zone’ where hair fall is less and hair development is still thick. The territory from where the strip is taken is sutured leaving a straight scar on the scalp.

The strip containing the hair follicles is separated into unions comprising of a couple of follicles. The follicular units contain sebaceous organs (oil organs), nerves, a small muscle, and some fine hairs called vellus hairs.

A large number of these follicular unit joins are put into little cuts made on the bare territories of the patient’s scalp, otherwise called the ‘recipient zones’ in a solitary session. The hair development from this unit pursues an extremely normal development pattern, without giving away any indications of medical procedure.

Advantages of FUT hair transplant

At present, male pattern baldness in young men and women is very common, yet there has been recent advancement in the field of therapeutic innovation which has authored new medicines for hair growth. Understand that hair transplant medicines are the best way to treat baldness.
On the off chance that you are experiencing male pattern baldness, you might settle on a hair transplant treatment, however before choosing a hair transplant session, you should thoroughly understand the hair transplant medications to settle on a correct choice.
As of late, the most well-known sorts of hair transplant systems are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUE procedure has broadly been acknowledged because of the utilization of handheld gadgets. In FUE treatment, each follicular unit is taken separately specifically from the scalp, without expelling a portion of tissue. The hair follicles are separated in an irregular form and transplanted to a beneficiary territory of the scalp, however it results in less thickness of the hairs in the beneficiary zone.

Advantages of FUT over FUE:-
  • More follicle transplant in one session- FUT has advantages over FUE. The principle favorable factor of FUT is that it causes a high yeild of hair in the recipient zone. On the off chance that getting a full growth is your prior objective, you ought to pick FUT transplant in Jaipur as it enables a specialist to exchange up to 4000 follicles in a solitary session, though in FUE the best number of follicles which can be moved in a single sitting extents around 2000-2500 unions.
  • Join Quality- In FUT, the follicular units are observed through stereo-magnifying lens and are cautiously segregated, making sure the protective tissue is intact. This method yields top notch units and results in full coverage. Then again, the nature of yield is sub-par in FUE as there is some hazard engaged with executing the follicular units as just the upper piece of the follicle can be pictured.
  • Higher rate of follicle survival- Although with the coming of present day innovation, the follicle survival rate in FUE can be improved, FUT hair treatment in Jaipur still has a higher survival rate. As the FUE enables a professional to pick joins arbitrarily, here and there the expert takes the unions from outside the donor zone, which brings about thinning and losing of hair as the patient ages. Patients with restricted hair development in the donor zone are frequently prescribed to pick FUT over FUE.

Hence, the advantages of FUT method include:

  • An extensive number of follicles that can be transplanted in a single session
  • Gives better yield of hair contrasted with other hair techniques
  • An improved, natural looking results, when the hair develops
  • More moderate than other hair methodology, for example, FUE

Thus, in the event that you are arranging a hair transplant session yet consider how to pick a correct hair transplant treatment, contact an expert who can direct you through each step of hair transplant process.

Procedure of FUt Hair Transplant

The FUT procedure is otherwise called strip grafting method. There are a few stages engaged with a customary FUT treatment in Jaipur. In the first place, the donor zone (as a rule at the back of the scalp) is cut and the hair above it is taped to keep it away from the recipient site. The donor site is then desensitized with a local anesthesia.

The local anesthesia is then injected to the recipient region of the scalp (cutting or shaving the hair here isn’t vital).Next, a portion of donor tissue is carefully expelled and the entry point is sutured together.Having used an exceptional magnifying instrument, the donor tissue is cut and individual follicular units (or micrografts) are prepared.Local anesthesia is then injected to the recipient region of the scalp (cutting or shaving the hair here isn’t vital).

Small points of incision are made in the recipient region in an arbitrary manner that imitates the manner in which hair develops normally. In FUT hair therapy in Jaipur, the micrografts are then cautiously put in these little incisions. They are set in fluctuating densities, with the smallest one-to two-hair unites put in the front of the hairline, and three-to four-hair joins set behind themFollowing the transplant, you’ll have many incisions with short hair stubble standing out from the new units. In more than two to three months, the new hair will begin developing in, and will develop at the normal rate of one-half to one inch growth for each month from that point.
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Recovering from FUT hair transplant  

In the wake of undergoing a FUT procedure following should be kept in mind:

  • Rest in a semi-sitting position after the hair transplant procedure. This will make the swelling reduce quicker and will keep you from inadvertently contacting the regions where the hair follicles have been transplanted.
  • Abstain from contacting, scratching, and rubbing the region where the hair follicles have been transplanted.
  • A few specialists encourage you to tenderly shampoo your head the following day of the medical procedure. A few specialists don't. Adhere to your specialist's directions. You may likewise be encouraged to shampoo your hair two times per day after around 7 days of the medical procedure.
  • Take the drugs prescribed for you by your specialist.
  • Abstain from smoking and drinking liquor for about fourteen days after the medical procedure.
  • Cover your head with caps or a handkerchief to evade coordinate contact with UV rays.
  • Keep away from any type of strenuous movement, including strenuous activities (aside from a short standard walk or running), for something like 28 - 30 days after a FUT strategy. You can continue practicing 28 days after the surgery.

Cost of FUT

The expense of follicular unit transplant (FUT) is moderately lower than follicular unit extraction (FUE). Ordinarily, the expense of FUT hair transplant cost in Jaipur is roughly between Rs.20 per and Rs.40 per unit or graft. Nonetheless, this expense may fluctuate depending on the proficiency and experience of the specialist and his group. Different elements like area of the clinic in which city also play a role in deciding the expense.

Why choose ALCS Jaipur for FUT hair transplant?

Our service at ALCS ushers our vision, in totality. Client First, well beyond everything else, as client is at the core of whatever we do. We never let the client down. We long to join the best restorative medications with solid results that has build up our reputation.

ALCS Hair transplant and Cosmetic Clinic provides the following services:

  • Hair Transplant Surgery
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  • Microvascular Surgery: Breast Reconstruction
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We trust that aesthetics enhancement isn’t only a surgical approach; it is a masterpiece that requires both creative comprehension, which requires many years of expert experience, and medicinal accuracy. Results ought to not exclusively be made dependent on a subjective viewpoint. So as to convey the best outcome, a masterpiece ought to be performed with precaution, utmost skills and mutual cooperation between the specialist and the patient.

Hair transplantation, when done right, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you’ve had it done. The skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does vary widely, as do their results. It’s important to choose the right procedure and the right clinic to assure that you will get completely natural results.
Yes you will be awake the entire time – watching TV, movies, or listening to music. Some patients simply chose to relax or even take a nap. We use local anesthesia (numbing medicine) in the donor area to obtain the grafts and in the recipient area to implant the grafts and perform the procedure.
Yes, the FUE extraction method is notable for having a larger donor area, the neck and sides of the head. There is also the possibility of extracting body hair from the chest and legs. The strip extraction technique is more limited as it only uses the back of the head as donor area. It cannot access other areas.

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