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Hair transplant in Jodhpur

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Hair transplant in Jodhpur

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Hair transplant surgery is a process by which hairs are removed along with follicles from the part where there are hair-bearing tissue and then it’s get transferred to the bald areas. There are basically 2 methods to perform the hair transplantation surgery. The hair follicles are removed with the use of an interest called punch graft or scalpel. The whole scalp isn’t treated in one go in cases where you want full coverage you may have to undergo many sessions and sittings.

Hair can affect the overall aesthetic appeal of a person. In today’s hectic world people face the issue of baldness at an early age. Hair loss can also occur due to tensions, trauma or sudden attack. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to curb hair loss. Surgery and transplantation has made it easy to restore the hairs but it’s harmful also. There is nothing like natural hairs and one should take good care of them.

Who is the candidate for hair transplantation?

Both male and female can opt for hair transplantation. Hair loss can occur to anyone and at any stage of their lives. There are various genetic and medical reasons behind hair loss. In males, the baldness occurs in the middle, center of the head whereas in females the baldness can begin from the sides or parting of the hairs. Many diseases can also affect your hair growth thyroid being one of them. A person suffering from thyroid can encounter with heavy hair fall which can lead to baldness. Also when a woman is pregnant and during childbirth due to change in hormones the hair loss increases. In males the reason for hairless is tensions. Men tend to have baldness in the center of their head at an early age. To curb such issues one must focus on a good and healthy lifestyle.
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The procedure of hair transplant surgery
The procedure of hair transplantation is not very complex but it can take time in cases where the amount of hair transplantation is more. It can take more than a single sitting. The surgical process involves taking the hair follicles from hair-bearing areas of scalp with the help of the medical instrument and then transferring it onto the bald areas. The process can cost you a lot of money and your natural hairs. Hair transplant cost in Jodhpur depends upon the type of surgery and the experience of the surgeon. The cost is more but the results are always worth it.

The advantages of hair transplantation include positive aesthetic changes, improved self-esteem, natural & fuller hairs and most importantly the growth of implanted hairs will continue. With pros always comes the cons hence hair transplantation also has few drawbacks such as high cost, infection and in some cases hair loss of transplanted hairs. Well qualified and certified doctors are available in Jodhpur to cure the issue of baldness. There are many clinics at which you can get your hair transplanted by either of the two methods stated by the doctor. The procedure is tricky but generally, it takes less time and also its success in one go mostly. In some area cases, the person can opt for follow-up surgery to cure any issue.
Risk and cost
The risk and cost in hair transplantation both depend upon the amount of transplanted hair. The more the amount is the more will it cost you. In cases where the area of the transplantation is more, it takes more sittings and sessions. Hair transplant cost in Jodhpur varies accordingly from clinic to clinic. Best clinic for hair fall treatment in Jodhpur is ALCStudio. There are many options to choose from to get your hair transplanted. There are risks in every surgery but if you opt for the right surgeon the risk gets decreased. In hair transplantation surgery one can face bleeding and infection but that can be curbed. In some rare cases, there are chances the hair loss occurs in the transplanted hairs but there is a cure for that too. If a person faces hair loss even after hair transplantation the surgery is repeated and the issue is fixed.
Hair transplantation, when done right, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you’ve had it done. The skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does vary widely, as do their results. It’s important to choose the right procedure and the right clinic to assure that you will get completely natural results.
Yes you will be awake the entire time – watching TV, movies, or listening to music. Some patients simply chose to relax or even take a nap. We use local anesthesia (numbing medicine) in the donor area to obtain the grafts and in the recipient area to implant the grafts and perform the procedure.
Yes, the FUE extraction method is notable for having a larger donor area, the neck and sides of the head. There is also the possibility of extracting body hair from the chest and legs. The strip extraction technique is more limited as it only uses the back of the head as donor area. It cannot access other areas.

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