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Hair TRANSPLANT Cost IN Jodhpur
The most valuable asset a balding man or a woman is their confidence. In fact the same is true for a person with a full head of hair.Hair loss is a major concern for most of the people. One study revealed that men are more concerned about losing their hair than Women, who on the other hand are relatively unconcerned.

Hair loss can result due to a variety of emotional and psychological issues associated with how we perceive ourselves, and how we think we believe other people perceive us. Hair transplantation is a rapidly evolving field where hair restoration surgeons are trying to find newer methods to improve the graft yield and improve the overall aesthetic final result of hair restoration procedure. In Traditional techniques, hair transplantation utilizes harvesting of follicles from safe donor area of the scalp and transplantation of these follicles in to the balding areas on the scalp.
hair transplant cost in Jodhpur
Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant
There are a number of reasons (factors) that govern a hair transplant cost in Jodhpur or any other city for it to go up or down.:-
  • Donor Area – transplant from scalp compared to body hair transplant is cheaper.
  • Technique used FUE vs FUT –FUE is more expensive as it requires expertise of the team.Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and strip method (FUT) . FUE needs more effort and time of the doctor so this is more expensive than the traditional strip removal technique.
    But here at Jodhpur, pricing is almost comparable even while working exclusively on FUE as we believe in affordable services for everyone. At many clinics, they provide FUE at the price of FUT at our center.
  • Male vs Female hair transplant – Male hair transplant is little less costly as compared to female hair transplant.
  • Affiliation and qualification of Doctor – You are advised to check the qualification and affiliation of the doctor, before taking final decision for surgery.
  • Hair Characteristics – This definitely sounds weird but your hair color and texture does play a major part in determining the number of grafts required for effective coverage of bald areas, thereby directly influencing the cost of surgery. For example, if you have curly and dark thick hair compared to somebody with fine, straight hair, then only few grafts will be required to cover a bald patch. This will automatically deduct your procedure cost.
  • Services offered at the center – Cold L.ED. lights, titanium punches, modular O.T and instruments, fully trained and permanent staff are among few gold standard facilities which also govern the cost of procedure.
  • Geographic Location of the Provider – The cost of living varies at different parts of the world, as everybody is aware of this fact. So, it’s quite usual to find surgeons based from different parts of globe asking for different amount.exactly like, same way in the same city surgery would be costing higher if the centre is located in high rental place.
  • Centre is franchise or owned – The owned centre definitely cost less as they need not to pay fees to the doctor who is coming from outside as in the franchise.
Cost of fue hair transplant
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) also called as Follicular Unit Separation Method ( FUSE), is a new surgical hair restoration procedure which does not involves harvesting a strip of skin on scalp called strip harvesting. The advantage of no or minimal scarring depends on the principle that in the procedure, once the area around the follicular Unit is made loose, the inferior segment can be easily extracted. This had to be made loose because the arrector muscle around follicular Unit is the tightest zone.
‎Signs For FUE:-
  • Patients who want to treat widened scar resulting from tradition method of hair transplant.
  • Patients with too tight skin in their scalp who can not undergo tradition procedure.
  • Patients who fear of pain or scars, patients of athletic field, who cannot take rest after procedure and have to resume with full activity.
  • ‎It also bypasses the disadvantage of tradition technique, in which only the limited area of donor site could be use.
  • ‎In patients who don't have much hair loss and can be treated in small sessions. This group includes patients with small vertex balding areas, limited cosmetic areas such as eyebrows, moustaches and with androgenetic alopecia.
The most common hair transplant is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). From a hair-covered part of the head, individual hair follicles are removed individually with a tiny specialised cutting machine. Using fine blades, tiny ‘sites’ are then created where hair is thinning and the follicles are inserted into them.
It takes around eight hours, but there’s little downtime and no stitches. Generally doctors use local anaesthetic to numb the area. And it doesn’t leave a scar so it’s a good option for short or closely shaved hair. You can’t see any scarring.
"FUE is still surgery, but it’s one of the least invasive hair transplants. The cost depends on the amount of work required. The results which take about four months to appear and develop fully after twelve months should last a lifetime."
cost of fut hair transplant
There’s FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which is also known as strip harvesting. With FUT, local anesthetic is used and afterwards a strip of hair is removed from a part of your head that still has hair, so usually the back or sides. Under a microscope, your surgeon then divides the hair follicles into individual or small groups and inserts them into bald patches.

Your surgeon can harvest and move thousands of hair follicles in one go, with FUT. You’re moving twice as much hair for half the price" .Downtime is similar to FUE, although there’s a little more discomfort from the scar and a four week healing process. "Like FUE, results begin to show around four months and take a year to fully appear. Similarly, the price depends on the work required

cost of hair transplant may vary depending on various factors

The cost of hair transplant varies from city to city and is majorly governed by many factors, some of which are:-
  • The surgeon’s qualification – Like every other medical procedure, it is an extremely important factor to choose a highly qualified doctor for your operation. Also, the qualification is found to be directly proportional to the hair transplant cost in Jodhpur. Just to save costs, beware do not end up getting treated with less qualified doctors. The more experience a doctor has, the more safe and easy your procedure becomes.
  • Aesthetics of the surgeon – The cosmetic surgeon needs to be careful about the aesthetics as much as the procedure for performing hair transplant compared to the rest of cosmetic procedures. Hence, as the doctor’s aesthetic value and reputation increases, so does the hair transplantation cost.
  • Your prescribed line of treatment – A major factor in determining how much your hair transplant costs is the line of treatment your doctor has prescribed such as, the traditional FUT procedure costs less as compared to the newer FUE.
  • Support staff – Hair transplant is an intensive surgery and takes up a lot of time. A doctor will definitely need trained support staff during the procedure. As the number of support staff increases, so does the cost. Try to find a surgeon, who has well trained staff and that may get you a cheapest hair transplant cost in Jodhpur.
  • The medical facility – Finally, the safety and hygiene standards of the medical facility determine the hair transplant cost in Jodhpur.
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar
07:33 27 Mar 19
My Overall Experience at ALCS was great in my Hair Transplant Treatment. All the doctor, assistant, technician and every person in the team are very helpful and friendly. I recommend it to all the patients suffering from any type of any skin and hair related problems. The atmosphere is very good, all the labs and surgery areas are neat and clean, very hygienist. Over all, its value for money and higer recommened for the person who wants any treatment. Thanks to Doctor Sunil Arora and the ALCS Team for treating me so well. And providing me the best atmosphere for the more
nikhil agarwal
nikhil agarwal
09:34 02 Mar 19
Great experience. Hair transplant went great. With no pain. Staff behaviour was friendly and cooperative. Special thanks to Dr Sunil Arora sir to do a wonderful job on my head. I will recommend this to more
bhuvnesh meena
bhuvnesh meena
04:20 15 Feb 19
I was surfing form electric burn very good experience. Communication, information, environment and treatment, everything was near perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Sunil Arora and team. They were really kind and friendly. Mr. Ravi was really helpful with appointments and communication. I never had to wait for anything long. I have to say that the service was worth the money for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!read more
Satish Powar
Satish Powar
08:07 08 Feb 19
I have done HP on 27th Sept.'18...... it is almost 4 months and results are fantastic ...desired progress...Thanks Dr. Sunil and entire staff... all are more
Sundar Singapore
Sundar Singapore
22:21 28 Jan 19
It's so good and better to get treatment from Dr Sunil Arora and his team who are well trained in their field. I saw the outcome staring from 6th month and now I feel much better than what I expected. It’s good relief from my Long term stress due to hair loss and I gained my confidence back. Great thanks to Doctor and his team for giving me a solution which I needed for many more
yoga yoga
yoga yoga
13:10 18 Jan 19
Today I done my hair transplant. All staff nurses and doctor behave very well. I m satisfy with Ist day transplant experience. Buy I have to wait for result that will show after 6 to 9 month.. So guys see you after more
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta
18:02 16 Jan 19
Got this done 6 months ago. There has been tremendous development in hair growth in the past 6 months. The whole experience has been very nice. The procedure itself was not at all painful and caused no discomfort at more
Ravi Jangir
Ravi Jangir
05:39 08 Jan 19
Very very good experience. Communication, information, environment and treatment, everything was near perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Sunil Arora and team. They were really kind and friendly. Mr. Ravi was really helpful with appointments and communication. I never had to wait for anything long. I have to say that the service was worth the money for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!read more
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