Hair Transplant In Ajmer

Hair Transplant in Ajmer

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Hair transplant in Ajmer

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Hair transplant surgery is the process of replacing the bald areas of the scalp with hairs. In this process, hair follicles are taken from the ‘donor site’ of the scalp and transferred to the ‘recipient side’ of the scalp. This process is not lengthy but it is a bit complex. There are multiple methods by which hair transplantation is performed. The basic two methods are FUE & FUT, both these methods are not that time consuming and are affordable. Usually, the hair transplantation process is a one-day business. It’s successfully undertaken in one sitting. In cases where the amount of hair transplant is more, there may be a need to follow up surgeries.


The procedure for hair harvesting is few days things. The pre-planning is very important. Generally, before the transplantation the doctors refrain the patient from applying for any shampoo, oil, medicine onto the scalp. This can become lethal at the time of harvesting. In many cases, doctors used solutions and anesthesia to numb the scalp for curbing the pain caused at the time of transplantation. There are multiple, methods for hair transplantation and one of them is strip harvesting.

In strip harvesting, the doctor uses a strip 1.5 x 15 CM and places them on the scalp where there are hair-bearing tissues. Then after that, a triple-bladed scalpel is used to remove the strip in order to collect the hair-bearing tissues from the donor site. After removing the strips then the surgeon removes excess fat and other tissues without damaging the follicles using a microscope and needle. Then finally with the help of a microscopic needle, the follicles are placed onto the recipient’s scalp by puncturing it.

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Expectation after Hair Transplant Surgery

After the hair transplantation surgery, it will take a few months for the hair to grow back naturally. One may suffer some pain and discomfort but it can be cured by medications. Every surgery has some effects and hair transplantation can cause swelling and bleeding but these are normal as they can also be curbed. The main thing which a person must understand that the results take time to look natural. Since the translated hairs are incisions they will heal in 3-5 days but for them to look natural it can take a few months. Hair transplantation can help you gain your confidence back and will increase your aesthetic appeal.

Why get Hair Transplant in Ajmer ?
Hair fall treatment in Ajmer is affordable and best. The reason to choose Ajmer for hair transplantation is that it has many good clinics with a track record of numerous successful hair transplantation. ALCStudio is most recommended clinics for hair transplantation in Ajmer. One can analyze and elect ALCStudio the best clinic which also fits their budget in Ajmer. It’s important to find the right surgeon for hair transplantation in order to save your time and money. Choosing the right clinic is also very crucial when it comes to hair transplantation.
Of course hair transplants work! The principle is very simple. The genetic makeup of hair on the sides and back of the head is resistant to genetic pattern baldness. This makes it possible for the hair that you have on the sides and back of the head to be relocated to the area where it is falling.
You’ll generally only need to take it easy for a couple of days after the procedure. Take it easy while allowing your body to recover.
The hair follicles that are transplanted are genetically-resistant against baldness so they will, in theory, continue to grow over your lifetime.

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