Hair Transplant In Udaipur

Hair Transplant in Udaipur

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Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the head to another part where the hair is thinning or receding.
ALC Studio offers the world class hair transplant in Udaipur.

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Hair transplant in Udaipur

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Hair transplant is a process by which hair follicles are removed from the part where there is hair-bearing tissue and then it’s transferred to the bald areas in order to cure it. This can be performed by 2 methods FUT & FUE. The hair transplantation surgery is not that time consuming and now has become affordable. The hair follicles are removed with the use of an instrument called punch graft or scalpel. The whole scalp isn’t treated in one sitting in cases where you want full coverage you may have to undergo many sessions and sittings. Hair can affect the overall aesthetic appeal of a person.

In today’s hectic world people face the issue of baldness at an early age. Hair loss can also occur due to tensions, trauma or sudden attack. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to curb hair loss. Surgery and transplantation has made it easy to restore the hairs but it’s harmful also. There is nothing like natural hairs and one should take good care of them.

Hair transplant procedure

The process of hair transplantation is not that complex and it can be performed in multiple ways. Basically, there are 2 methods which are used for hair transplantation and that are FUT & FUE. Both of these methods involve extraction of hair follicles either from the back side of the scale of the recipient or the scalp of the donor. If we compare the two then FUE is said to be the modern technique which is also cost effective and takes lesser time. Hair transplant in Udaipur cost is not estimated and that too depending upon the area that has been treated.

The donor area is trimmed and surgeon with the help of scalpel extracts hair follicles from the scalp. The hair follicles are then tested under a microscope and cut down into smaller graphics or fragments. The graphics are then inserted into the recipient’s scalp by the microscopic needle. The price is quite painful but the pain can also be curbed by using local anesthesia.

Benefits of hair transplant surgery

We can say that hair transplant surgery has many benefits apart from it being the solution to baldness. The benefits of hair transplant surgery are given below:

  • The looks get improved - after transplantation of hair; the hair looks fuller and changes your overall look. Baldness is often unattractive and decreases the confidence of people. So one can look great again by getting their best hair treatment in Udaipur.
  • Permanent solution - unlike other surgeries and treatment hair transplantation is a permanent full stop to your hair loss. Once you get the hair transplanted there are very little chances for them to fall again. In cases where people face hair loss ver after hair transplantation doctors perform a follow-up surgery.
  • Removes baldness - baldness is unattractive and can hamper your confidence. There is no other remedy for baldness apart from hair transplantation. One can get the best hair fall treatment in Udaipur and that too in the budget.
  • Not much aftercare required - once the transplantation is done, the hair works just like the natural hairs. There is no need to take any precautions for the transplanted hairs.
  • Cost effective - with the opening of various certified clinics in Udaipur, hair transplantation have become cost-effective.
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Hair transplant surgery cost

There is no available estimate of the actual hair transplant cost in Udaipur. This clearly depends upon how much quantity of hair is being transplanted. Usually, the surgeons use 500 to 3000 grafts. (Each graft contains about 4 hairs) and the cost of each graft depends accordingly.

Also, the cost of the hair transplant surgery is affected by the fess of the hospital and surgeon. There are multiple methods by which hair transplantation is carried out and each of them carries at prices. You can elect accordingly whichever clinic and method suit you the best.

Why choose ALCS for hair transplant ?

These days hair transplant is performed in many clinics by professionals. It’s important to choose the right clinic for hair transplantation as it can affect the overall cost of your procedure. The cost of hair transplantation varies from clinic to clinic. Also, it depends on what method the clinic is using for hair transplantation. The reason is listed below due to which you should opt for ALCS:

  • Professional surgeons - the surgeons at ALCS are highly professional and trained. It is led by the best plastic surgeon of Rajasthan Dr. Sunil Arora along with his extremely talented and trained team. Dr. Arora is a visionary when it comes to plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
  • It’s equipped with best facilities - the rooms are hygienic and well managed. The clinics are equipped with all the medical instruments needed for plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
  • Cost effective - ALCS provides quality at low prices. They believe in delivering the best results without affecting the budget of the patient.
  • Hassle free -they use a streamlined process by which the pain gets minimized during surgeries. Hence you will get the most hassle-free surgery only at ALCS.
  • Positive feedback - the patients and clients of ALCS have always given great feedback. They are the sole reason for which people immediately get convince to for ALCS for there surgery.
Hairs start growing from the newly transplanted follicles within a month. However, the full growth in the bald area can be noticed between 6 to 9 months.
Honestly, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. When you read about the procedure, it seems a tad gruesome – but the fact is, there’s no pain with the surgery, just a little discomfort. Think of it like getting a filling done at the dentist.
Hair growth is a slow process, even in a person who doesn’t experience hair loss. After you have the procedure, initial signs of growth can take anything from three to four months due to the hair’s natural growing cycle.

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