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Plastic Surgery 

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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.
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What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery means to reshape any organ and tissues in order to cure a disease or in many cases to change the physical appearance. Plastic surgery works on surgical principles and is not bounded to certain organs. It is performed on various parts of the body and different organs. The whole motive behind the process of plastic surgery is to cure the defective area of the patient.

In many cases, plastic surgery is performed for aesthetic appearance. People get the plastic surgery done in order to modify various organs to look good and perfect. With the recent development in the field of science the whole transformation of organs and body parts has become easier. Burn scar restoration, muscular restoration, nose job, lip job and many more are the areas which are performed by plastic surgery. There are many ways and types of plastic surgery avail today in our country.

Also, there are various leading doctors and surgeons in our country which can help in getting along with the plastic surgery process. With the introduction of plastic surgery restoration, alteration and reconstruction of the human body has become possible. Thought this proves involves money it is worth the investment in most of the cases. Plastic surgery is the study of modifying certain body organs in humans to cure various diseases or infections.

Types of Plastic Surgery

If you are unsure or unsatisfied by any part of your body you can modify and alter it according to you with the help of plastic surgery. There are various types of plastic surgery available today which can make you look different and perfect. Some of the most popular types of surgery are listed below:
  • A Facelift - if you want to look 10 years Youngers instantly you can opt for a facelift. This is most popular amongst the actors and is also very effective.
  • Eyelid surgery - this may sound a bit risky but it is highly performed by surgeons these days. In this surgery, the excess skin deposited around the eyes is removed in order to make the face look younger.
  • Forehead lift - it is also called brow lift by many. For the people who don’t want to have the full face surgery but want to look younger can opt for the forehead lift. This will remove wrinkles from the forehead and will provide you with a younger looking skin.
  • Facial implants - or the people who are not happy with their face shape can opt for facial implants. It helps in providing an even look on the face making it look younger and perfect.
  • Nose Job - the nose shape can change your complete look. It is in the center of the face and affects the full face shape and look. For people who find their nose shape annoying can opt for a nose job to achieve that perfect look. Many celebrities have opted for nose jobs in their carriers.
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Cost of plastic surgery

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Jaipur may vary according to the type of surgery and also according to the surgeon/hospital. For instance, the cost for breast firming, liposuction will be around 5 lakhs. It ranges according to the type of surgery you are up for. The major and highly recommended plastic surgery hospitals in Jaipur are ALCS, Lavanya laser clinic, Fortis and Abhishek hospital, and cosmetic surgery clinic. You will find highly trained surgeons in these hospitals in Jaipur for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery cost in Jaipur may vary according to the type of surgery and also the doctor & hospital. The best doctor for surgery in Jaipur is got to be Dr. Sunil Arora. When it comes to plastic surgery Dr. Arora is a magician. He has a track record of 100 percent positive feedback from the patients. He has also been awarded and facilitated by various titles. Most recently he has been titled as the ‘visionaries of Rajasthan ”by times group India. There are many leading surgeons which are agile in Jaipur and are also cost-effective. The overall cost of plastic surgery in Jaipur will depend upon the type of surgery you are opting and also the doctor whom you are consulting.

There are risks associated with any surgical procedures. Find out what they are, how often they occur and how they will be handled if they do occur. If the doctor does not openly discuss the risks or admit that there are always risks, seek another opinion.

Plastic surgery is not painful because it is performed under local or general anesthesia. However, just like any operation, plastic surgery can cause mild to moderate discomfort after treatment. Each individual has a personal pain threshold, thus the discomfort level may vary from one patient to another.

Plastic surgery can be performed at any point in a patient’s life. However, some cosmetic procedures cannot be performed on children and adolescents until they have reached full development.