Rhinoplasty In Jaipur

Rhinoplasty in Jaipur

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Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the nose.
ALC Studio offers the world class rhinoplasty in Jaipur.

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Rhinoplasty in Jaipur
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Rhinoplasty, as stated in medical term, is a process of changing or modifying the shape of the nose of a person. It helps in changing the aesthetical appeal of the nose. As the nose is in the center of the face it affects the overall look of the face. By rhinoplasty, a person who is dissatisfied by the shape of their nose can modify it accordingly. Rhinoplasty is also used to treat breathing problems for many people.

There is more than one reason for people opting for rhinoplasty and the surgeons are trained to provide a socialized treatment for every patient. The most recommended places for rhinoplasty in Jaipur are ALCStudio. The best is to opt for ALCS clinic as these have a good feedback recording recent years. It is lead by professionals and has a hygienic atmosphere.Rhinoplasty is a tricky thing and one must go for the best surgeon in order to attain the perfect outcome in one go. Many a times patients aren’t satisfied and a receptive surgery is performed on the nose that can cause a lot of trouble to the patient.


What is rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty is reshaping your nose according to your convenience and choice by a surgery. The other name for rhinoplasty in layman’s language is a nose job. Usually, women opt for rhinoplasty in order to enhance their features. Many celebrities also opt for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is basically a surgery performed on your nose which will make you look better and will increase your aesthetic appeal. Rhinoplasty doesn’t require an overnight stay at the hospital the process is of lesser duration and is summed up early.

Also the recovery and rest period is 2 days maximum. A person having rhinoplasty can resume its daily routine in one day or two. The process has some risks which can vary from patient to patient. Pain, swelling can occur but there is no need to worry as these can be cured by medications. As every person has a different face shape the change in nose shape can be quite a tricky thing to be done. Hence one must look for the best and experienced surgeon to undertake their nose job. The results are good but in some cases, these cannot be that overwhelming as face shape is asymmetric.

Procedure of rhinoplasty

The process of rhinoplasty isn’t that complex or lengthy and involves certain steps. The first and the most important step is Anesthesia. Anesthesia is prescribed by your doctor according to your condition. These medications are used to decrease the pain which will be caused in the process. There are 2 types of incisions which are performed during rhinoplasty. One is the closed incision and the other is open incision. In the closed one, the incisions are done inside the nose and on the other hand in the open one incisions are made in columella (a thin wall if tissues separating our nostrils). In reshaping the nose striation generally, the cartilage is taken from the ear or sometimes from a section of rib. In the cases where there is a breathing problem, the septum is straightened by the process to report the issue. Inspections are closed at the end of the surgery.
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Cost and recovery

Every surgery involves some kind of risks and rhinoplasty also involves certain risks. The best cure from the risk is to choose the best surgeon and hospital. The other risk involving rhinoplasty is anesthesia complications, infection, bleeding, nose obstruction, asymmetry, nasal drainage, skin damage and in some cases, repletion of surgery may also be needed.

Nose surgery cost in Jaipur is a budget cost option and this may vary according to different hospital and surgeon. Nose surgery in Jaipur is available at many clinics and that too by trained surgeons. ALCStudio offers the best rhinoplasty surgery in jaipur. The nose plastic surgery in Jaipur will vary from hospital to hospital. One can choose the hospital they find most suitable for them. Always make sure that you opt for the right surgeon as a nose job is quite a risky thing. With the rapid development in the field of science the rhinoplasty has become more affordable.

Why choose ALCS for rhinoplasty ?

One should opt for the best clinic possible when it comes to rhinoplasty. ALCS clinics are highly recommended as these are certified and lead by professionals. The facts for which one must go for ALCS for rhinoplasty are:

  • It has professional surgeons - ALCS at Jaipur has a team of highly professional and trained staff for rhinoplasty. Dr. Sunil Arora assisted by his dedicated assistants performs various cosmetic surgeries at ALCS. He is a well-renowned plastic surgeon and is attested to be the best in whole Rajasthan.
  • Equipped with the best facilities - ALCS has a positive and hygienic environment. It is well equipped by all the latest medical machines and equipment needed for cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant.
  • Hassle free experience - 100 percent positive feedback from patients makes ALCS the best place for cosmetic surgery.
Bleeding, infection, persistent numbness, persistent change in smell or taste, abnormal scarring, nasal asymmetry, persistent nasal obstruction
Recovery times vary with every patient. You will likely need to wear a nasal splint for a week or two following the procedure. Bruising and swelling around the eyes is also common for several weeks after the procedure. Your surgeon will inform you when it’s OK to return to normal activities.
You should discuss when to return to work with your surgeon. You should limit heavy lifting and exposure to dusty/smoky environments.

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